The Lonely Hearts Club brings the music of The Beatles to life! Enjoy the music you've cherished all these years in a live setting.


Available for public and private events!

Johnny Barnett - Our "John." Guacamole connoisseur. Chakraology master.

Jeremy Fowler - Our new "Paul." Guitar player turned bassist. Lives in a van down by the river.

Will Patterson - our new "Billy Preston." Pearlsnap Beatle. Cowboy hat hero.

Grahame O'Shea - our new "Ringo" and yes, that's a real British accent! Cruise ship musician pro. Eats every two hours.

Anthony Sanders - our new "George." Also a piano stud. Trying hard to be the quiet Beatle but failing miserably.

Peter Bleicher- Professor of Beatlology and former member of "Day Tripper". Currently on extended leave.

Joaquin Hancock - the 7th Lonely Hearts Clubber, formerly of a bunch of really great bands. Currently on extended leave.

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